What Was The Name Of That Thing… oh yes, NATURE.



 “Look deep into nature and then you’ll understand everything better”  ~ Albert Einstein.

We don’t.

We don’t look at nature so we don’t understand a thing.

When was the last time that you went to the forest? When was the last time that you were silent in the middle of nowhere?

We come from nature and yet it seems so incompatible to the way we are living now most of the humans. Whether you live in the city or whether you live in a small town, we randomly go deep into nature and interact with it. We have unplugged from nature.

Observe. Listen. Smell. Touch. Breath.

We content our ego advocating that we contribute to make this world better by means of technological innovation and progress. We know that nature is not all beauty and flowers. Nature can be cruel and sometimes pitiless. Nature just “IS”.

We are the only specie that has been given the magnificent gift of thinking and reasoning and yet we are capable of hurting humans and other species for the sake of our so called “progress”. We do not just “ARE”.

No other specie kills for pleasure.

The more time passes by, the more we seem to have set the goal to make our human lives more and more incompatible with nature.

What a foolish thing to do.

We do not even respect the species that we apparently love so much, the ones that we tame. We “love” them so much that we want to keep them close and next to us. Therefore we keep them confined in an apartment, and we leash them when we go out with them for a walk.

You know, just in case they want to escape.

Of course they want to escape. We take away their freedom just because they are “so cute to have around, and they keep me company”.

The zoo is packed with wild and exotic animals. We take them away from their natural habitats to put them in jails so we can stare at them for a few moments, or eventually, or once in a while or once a year or every two years. OH, but “do not worry about a thing! While in the zoo, these animals are going to be so well taken care of. They will have plenty of food, plenty of attention, a cage designed to resemble their natural habitat…” they would not even notice they are far away from their habitat.

Great, I’m sure they are thrilled.



This is our nasty EGO and SELFISHNESS talking.

If we are as smart and evolved as we dare to say, we should be able to think further than this. We have lost our sense of belonging into this world. We domesticate and dominate everything and anything that comes in front of us.

We no longer go to the forest.

Maybe (just maybe) because it is scary. Maybe (just maybe) because it remembers us that there are things that escape to us. Maybe (just maybe) because it makes us connect with things that we do not have an interest to feel today. Maybe (just maybe) because it will entirely contradict our way of life and then, and only then, our house of cards would crumble.

But hey, I have other things to take care of: my bills, my rent, my job, my Saturday nights.

 I’ll better look the other way and pretend that nothing happens.



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  • Congratulations on your blog!! Que bueno que decidas cultivar tus suenos, y sobre todo viendo como invitas a reflexionar sobre cuestiones tan esenciales sobre nuestra existencia! ya no habra margaritas de por medio, pero si supieras cuanto comparto tus pensamientos…

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