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The Man Who Does Not Read Has No Advantage Over the Man Who Cannot Read. ~Mark Twain.

The more I do it, the more I need it. I would love to be able to transmit the reading passion to as many wonderful human beings as I can.

So this post goes for it: READ! READ! READ! – hint: you are wonderful.

Reading gives you different ways of thinking, a broader sense of belonging into the world, it gives you IMAGINATION. It exercises and challenges your brain.

READING is SO sexy, so nourishing!

One of the most important things “in the reading field” is being able to find your reading style, what you like to read, what your mind will be eager to devour without even blink. It does exist, you just have to find it. One is not aware of the extreme benefits of reading until he or she actually experiments them. There are literary genres for everyone, for all of us. Oh my dear, once you are bitten by the reading bug, you no longer can detach from it.


I am of the opinion that even the worst novel in the world might bring you important values. Reading offers us one of the most important assets a human being can have: EMPATHY, the ability to feel or understand what another person might be feeling or experiencing.

It is very hard to imagine yourself in the position of someone else but when you read a story, little by little, you get to know the characters, you get to experience what they might feel or how they will react, you learn to understand their motives or personal situations and, like it or not, you learn to imagine yourself in their skin: the skin of the hero, the skin of the villain or the skin of the “not-so-good-or-not-so-perfect-character”. All this by only turning some pages.  You train your empathy and later on you learn to use it in your daily life with your heroes and villains, with real people surrounding you.

An extremely important human virtue not everyone has.

Besides, you want to date someone who reads, who has intellectual challenges, intellectual expectations, someone who knows that training the mind is as important as taking care of our bodies –no unhealthy obsessions here, please.

You are likely to find an interesting person in someone who reads for pleasure. You will more likely be able to have a meaningful conversation with someone who reads. You deserve it, you owe it to yourself, you deserve to meet someone who challenges you PHYSICALLY AND INTELLECTUALLY.

I am not going to start arguing about what kind of books one should read, there are obviously different kinds, some of them might be harder to understand, like essays and philosophical works, the kind of books that might have a “deeper” meaning while some others might be more easy going, more light styles like the so called “summer readings”.

WHO CARES! READ, you wonderful human being!

Different stories, different lives, different points of view just a few pages away from you.

Let knowledge unfold, let your brain expand to its full potential.

You, wonderful human being.

I crave for knowledge. It may be my flaw or my strength, I don’t know and honestly, I don’t care.

Nerd? Geek? Maybe but also SEXY,

and very much proud of it.


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