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Ideas are worth fighting for.

I love people having ideas.  And I love people who have ideas. And I love ideas who have people. And I love ideas that make a person move. And I love ideas which come to reality, and reality that comes out of fantasy and creativity that comes out of insanity and, and, and… -yeah, sure you got it by now.

Someone around me had a great idea. This “someone” is a successful senior businessman. Also, he works more hours than a single day has. He is constantly organizing, reorganizing, flipping, flopping, executing his duties, compromises and still has time to start new projects.

Also, he likes young people with ideas. Also, he likes innovation and entrepreneurship. Also, he would like to help those young folks around him who might have new and succulent projects in mind.

Why? I have no clue. It is not because he has plenty of time or because he’ll make a big profit out of it –which, by the way, makes it even cooler.

He has decided that he wants to try to stimulate the entrepreneur gen of the youth surrounding him. Youth that might have innovative aspirations and the guts to become entrepreneurs.

“Think Globally, Act Locally”

He is going to make a “casual” lunch with some senior friends and acquaintances and has asked them to bring their chubby cubs. Fluffy cubs between 21 and 32 years old: plenty of energy, plenty of hormones, plenty of aspirations, plenty of…distractions.

Crazy Tic, crazy Tac, and repeat.

Welcome insanity, welcome excitement.

The reunion is meant to be the start of something great: senior entrepreneurial expertise promoting amateur entrepreneurial talent by providing for support, guidelines, contacts, some financing and above all, EXAMPLE.

Yes please, referents. “Gimme” referents.

He is going to try a first contact with these young folks, try to motivate them and encourage them to start something from scratch. Some of them might just think that the reunion is a waste of time and are going to hope for the meeting to end –I wish I could fill their spots with someone who would really take advantage of it. Others might just be thrilled with the idea of having someone supporting them, listening to them and analyzing his or her project. If only one of them gets the entrepreneurial seed, the meeting can be considered a “sucSeed” –mua-ha-ha-ha!, I know, I know easy joke back there.

I believe we all have the entrepreneurial seed. However, not everyone takes care of it and it is such a pity because there’s nothing better than seeing your idea come true – clarification: for me, being an entrepreneur does not mean being a super-greedy-no-matter-what-the-cost-capitalist. I believe we all can make a living without hurting others or our environment.

The worst way to waste your talent?

Not knowing that you have it. Not knowing that you can do it. Not believing in your potential.

On occasions –many, many–, people need to know that someone believes in his or her potential –important, very, very important. Sometimes people need someone to tell them something like “I believe in you and your capabilities” or “You can do it” –important, very, very important. Not everyone is lucky enough to realize about their potential by him or herself.

Sometimes we need others to point us to the million-thousand-trillion options this world has. The world does not begin and end with a monthly paycheck. Nevertheless, more often than not, if no one dares you to start questioning what surrounds you along with testing yourself and your limits you might not even stumble upon all this.

Having an idea, turning it into a project, to try to make your voice heard in this crazy jungle we live in, to partner with someone else –joy is better, struggle is less when shared –…it is a heroic feat and an exciting journey.


“A+”-mazing, isn’t it?

From your mind to the paper, to the left, to the right, up and down, loop around, swing, trump and boom! Something intangible might become tangible and more real than ever.

Your idea, your story, how fun!

It is for all this that this senior someone deserves my respect, and this post.

*And young ladies, my charming capable wonderful women, this post goes with special emphasis to all of you.


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