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Stop doing the same things and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein.

Hell yeah.

I know, it is easier said than done. More often than not we interact with people that have a slight tendency to complain about pretty much everything.  Nothing is good enough for them: their job, their friends, their partner, the partners of their friends, their hair, their clothes, their home, their family, their lives, their cats, their nails, their underwear… ujh,  STOOOOOP!

Bad vibes…No thanks.

The only thing bad vibes should be useful for is to take new steps ahead to change what we don’t like about our life, to turn them into energy to accomplish something better.

Let’s go, let’s do it.

Too often we get stuck in the “self-pity” mood. It is so common to blame others for our misery: “oh poor me, what have I done to deserve…blablabla?  STOP.

Come on!

There are things we definitely cannot control, but a lot of them we actually CAN. Let’s use them and turn them to our favor.

The question should be what can I do to change what I don’t like?  Nothing good can come out of constantly complaining while not taking steps to change our “misery” or “bad luck” or “fate”. Here’s the thing: we know that there are things in our life that we don’t like, which triggers our tendency to self-pity ourselves, but then this “knowledge” seems not to be enough to make us actually change our status quo.

We stuck ourselves in a loop.

With an attitude like this we just move the bad vibes around without transforming them into anything valuable, a waste of our precious limited time and energies.


It is a personal choice.

Is there anything worse than being stuck into a routine that you despise, that you know you don’t like but that you do not dare to change…how can someone be happy with this environment?

Why is it so hard for us to CHANGE.

It is simple yet not so easy: we fear.

We are afraid, so very, very afraid: the unknown, insecurities, the “what ifs”. What if I regret it later? What if I lose all I have now? What if it ends up being a mistake?

Like it or not, our fears define our life, we are capable of reaching something up until the point we face –or not— our fears. A good thing: we can decide if we want them to control our life or not –and the boundaries of it. The hard thing: to face them and actually overcome them.

But oh gosh, what if you never try, what if you always stay the way you are? What If you put yourself in an ignorant self-chosen unhappy life?

We are here just temporarily, why is it that makes us think we cannot do what we really like.

Why do we fear so much?

“Once we face the fears they are no longer there”, this is quite a true statement. Fears do not disappear, but you can learn how to live with them. I do believe that you reduce anxiety and gain self-confidence, security and a broader sense of what is going on in the world when you realize that you can actually be stronger than your fears.

I hope you have experienced it eventually—at least once: when you do exactly what you fear you realize that it was not as bad as it seemed at first, that the bloody excitement that you get when you do something you do not control –a.k.a. new— is what makes life worth living. You then feel good, you learn, you experience new emotions, you feel satisfied because you have done something you thought you could not do but you were actually wrong.


I’m sure you know the famous speech about “getting out of your comfort zone”. The statement and the meaning of it are wonderful. IMAGINE ACTUALLY DOING IT. Imagine actually facing your fears and getting out of the comfort zone. Being brave enough to start something new, something not everybody around you might approve or understand, but doing it anyway.

You might have to face prejudices, people complaining or not supporting you, jealousy…everybody will have an opinion about what you are trying to accomplish, about your life, about the things you do. If you later succeed –which you will because trying is more valuable than just “wait and see” what happens—they might tell you they always thought you could do it. People judge all the time. I think it is in our bloody human nature –too bad. But, at this point, if they are going to judge you anyway, who cares? At least you get your butt out of the couch and dare to start something new.

WE ARE HERE TEMPORARILY. No one will live forever. Let’s make our life worth living. Let’s try something new, let’s take some risks –even if you are already kind of satisfied with what you do.  

Why not?

Fall in love with your life.

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