About Me

About MeHi! What should I say? Welcome to Marmaland, my little paradise. I rather have you get to know me through what I write in my blog than telling you my boring background. About a year ago I finally dared to start writing short stories and poems, or at least I am trying. I speak English and Spanish.

I like literature, poetry and I like knowledge. Yes, in the broad sense, I love to discover things, I don’t like to classify. I might have a strong interest in poetry but I also like new technologies a lot. Not buying them, but knowing what the human brain is capable of. I love diversity, different cultures and languages. If I could have several lives, I’ll deep study a very different subject every time. Unfortunately, our time is limited, and I am trying my best with the one that I have now, and I decided to study law. Yes, a lot of reading, and a lot of library. But as you can see, that does not stop me from letting my mind flow and trying to open new windows in my life, like Marmaland.